hornet is a autobot and the same modle as bumblebee hornet when he got optimus prime's messege he was busy fighting team charr on charr in the batte in chicago hornet was captured by the deceptions along with quickcharge insecta que dino rachet sideswipe bumblebee orian prime and firemus after the deception ship came down hornet elbowed barrcade and fliped him and fought him barrcade was gaining the upper hand until hornet stinged and spin threw barrcade hornet was dameged in the battle face parcily cut by shockwave then shot by protoform and anckle and kneecap by cloudbreaker stinger and left dorr blasted off by shadowscream right door chestshot by sentinel and arm riped off by shock wave hornet gained a cybertanium eye patch that looks likes breakdowns from tf prime hornet is 17.5 feet tall hornet's alt mode is a heavily modified chevy camaro hornet after the chicago battle hornets arm was repared
Hornet (movie)


Hornet (movie) battle mode

Hornet battle mode

Hornet (movie) after chicago

Hornet after chicago

Hornet (movie) car form

Hornet car form